Traeger Grills



Traeger wood pellet grills pack big hardwood flavor, from sweet cherry, to savory mesquite, into everything you grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, sear, & BBQ. Traeger’s wood pellets are made with 100% pure, natural hardwood giving you authentic flavor and nothing else. Grilling has never been easier—just set it and forget it and let the Traeger work its wood-fired magic.

There are many reasons to use a wood pellet grill, but four reasons stand out above the rest. Wood pellet grills offer better flavor, are easy to use, offer versatility to cook in may different ways, and provide consistent temperatures for consistent cooking.

Traeger’s signature flavor comes from the real hardwood pellets used to fire each and every Traeger grill. Traeger owners and BBQ enthusiasts agree wood-fiery flavor just tastes better than charcoal or gas. 

Once you master a recipe, you would like to consistently cook the same each and every time. Traeger allows you to do so by managing the temperature for you. No more constantly tending to the fire.



Cook like a Pro with Traeger accessories!

Check out Traeger's chicken hanger! Depending on the size of your Traeger grill, you'll be able to fit 2-3 chicken hangers. Each hanger holds 12 chicken legs, and the hanger is dishwasher safe!
Convected heat will circulate around and push the heat to the center of your chicken. Because your chicken is hanging, it's self-basting for the juiciest chicken yet! 



Our premium wood pellets are the best on the market. Made from 100% natural, food-grade hardwood, our pure pellets grant the perfect burn for optimal wood fired flavor. Made in the USA and overseen from sawmill to shelf, we provide the cleanest, healthiest fuel source available with endless flavor combinations.

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